Pavit Hooda
Yuri’s Night Youth Founder & Ambassador

Pavit Hooda
Pavit Hooda leads the youth effort at Yuri’s Night! He loves how Yuri’s Night creates a unifying sense of global community, and is very eager to spread the message to young space enthusiasts around the world!

He has experience leading youth events. With the title of director of event, Pavit has succesfully lead over 100 volunteers in running an event called BCA Flash. He and his committee host around 300 middle schoolers, making it the largest event at the school! The classes range in topics including robotics, physics, astronomy, culinary, and more!

Pavit dreams of making a significant impact in space exploration. He ambitiously has already started working towards this goal in high school. For example, he is an intern at the Department of Astrovisualization at the American Museum of Natural History! He is working on a NASA and NSF funded project called OpenSpace to develop a visual interface for space agancies to use and optimize their space missions.

Some of his other achiements include being an international finalist in Future Problem Solving, developing an alarm clock for the deaf, and being the founder and president of the Particle Physics Club at his high school. He is also a published poet, and the top goal scorer in his varsity soccer team!

If you are a young space enthusiast like Pavit, make sure to follow his work on instagram (@yurisnight.youth) and the discord server where you can socialize and discuss topics of space exploration with more people just like you!